Logo Design



Eye catching logo design in Melbourne to make your business stand out from the crowd

A great logo design can be the difference between customers choosing your company over another. The logo design process is entirely based on the way you would like your business to be received. It sets a precedent for the way your brand interacts with your customers, the style of your brand and the nature of your brand. A logo typically is a graphic or an image, but may also be an iconic font or tagline. It is created in order to be recognisable, distinct and memorable. Your design will be used on all marketing materials including all documents, letterheads and email signatures. For all logo design, business card printing and any other marketing materials, call us today. Our designers will assist you the best they can to create designs that are true representations of your business.

Once your logo is complete we can provide the logo to you in the following formats: 

• High resolution EPS (CMYK & B&W)

• High resolution JPEG (CMYK & B&W)

• Transparent PNG (CMYK & B&W)

We also encourage our clients to develop a style guide, which contains detailed information on logo usage and restrictions as well as colour and font information. A style guide will ensure the integrity of the logo is upheld in future reproduction.